Christie - An Inquiry into the Antient Greek Game... - 1801

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Sometimes lightning strikes twice -- within the span of four days, I was able to acquire two copies of this extremely rare book! Only 40 copies published.

"An Inquiry Into The Antient Greek Game Supposed To Have Been Invented By Palamedes Antecedent To The Siege Of Troy; With Reasons For Believing The Same To Have Been Known From Remote Antiquity In China And Progressively Improved Into The Chinese, Indian, Persian, And European Chess. Also Two Dissertations: I. On The Athenian Skirophoria. II, On The Mystical Meaning Of The Bough And Umbrella, In The Skiran Rites." by James Christie Esq. Published in London Printed By W. Bulmer And Co. Cleveland-Row, St. James's. For T. Beckett, Pall-Mall. 1801. 169pp.