Gunsberg - The Chess Openings 1896

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An interesting book of openings before the turn of the prior century.

The Openings given are - The French Defence, Sicilian Defence, Centre Counter, Bishop's Game, Centre Gambit, Danish Gambit, Vienna Game, Steinitz Gambit, Hampe-Algaier, Philidor's Defence, Petroff's Defence, Ponziani, Scotch Gambit, Ruy Lopez, Two Knight's Defence, Ginoco Piano, Evans Gambit Declined, Evans Gambit, Bishop's Gambit, Cunningham's Gambit, Ordinary King's Gambit, Salvio Gambit, Muzio Gambit, Kieseritz Gambit, Algaier Gambit, Algaier-Thorold, Bird's opening, From Gambit, English opening, Zukertort Opening, Queen's opening, Queen's Gambit Declined, Queen's Gambit.