The Illustrated London News - all volumes from 1842 through 1875

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As part of my ongoing chess research, I have acquired all volumes of the Illustrated London News from 1842 through 1875.

The Illustrated London News (ILN for short) commenced publication in 1842. It was a weekly illustrated newspaper. Every six months, the ILN would publish a bound volume with copies of the prior six months' weekly papers.

Howard Staunton's chess column ran in the ILN from 1845 until his death in 1874. His chess column is the primary purpose of my research, since his columns sometimes allude to antique chess sets, especially the Staunton design set, which made its debut in 1849.

The ILNs have many other chess articles and chess references throughout the years. I have been working through the 33-year time span, which (needless to say) will take some time to complete.

I purchased these volumes one-by-one over the four-month period November 2007 through March 2008.