Marache's Manual of Chess - 1866

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NY: Dick and Fitzgerald, Publishers, (no date).
B & W illus., 7" x 4 1/2" copyright 1866

Subtitle continues: "Containing a Description of the Board and the Pieces, Chess Notation, Technical Terms with Diagrams Illustrating Them, Relative Value of the Pieces, Laws of the Game, General Observations on the Pieces, Preliminary Games for Beginners, Fifty Openings of Games, Giving All the Latest Discoveries of Modern Masters, With Best Games and Copius Notes. Twenty Endings of Games, Showing Easiest Ways of Effecting Checkmate. Thirty-Six Ingenious Diagram Problems and Sixteen Curious Chess Strategems. To Which is Added a Treatise on the Games of Backgammon, Russian Backgammon, and Dominoes."

Napoleon Marache (1815-1875) was the chess editor of Wilkes' Spirit of the Times.