Steinitz - Sixth American Chess Congress - 1891

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Published by The Committee of The Sixth American Chess Congress (New York) in 1891. First edition. A limited edition of only 500 copies issued to named subscribers.

The Sixth American Chess Congress took place in 1889, but Steinitz spent two years completing this record of The Sixth American Chess Congress, hence this book was published in 1891. Each of the limited edition of 500 is numbered and issued to a specific subscriber whose name is printed on the title page. Steinitz subscribed to two copies and was later ‘awarded’ a further ten copies in part payment for his work. Of his total allocation of twelve copies Steinitz asked for one, this volume, to be issued in the name of his wife, Caroline.

The rarity of this edition was emphasized by the Committee Report which appears at the front of the book (pages XII-XIII);

"The Book of the Tournament will not be purchasable after the Congress, since but only one edition will be issued, and when all the subscribers have been supplied, the plates will be destroyed, thus enhancing the value of the work to the possessors...........Efficient measures were provided for the purpose of enabling the holders of copies of the only authorized edition of the Book of the Congress to verify their genuineness. Among other provisions for that purpose it was decided that the books should be numbered consecutively, and that the name of each original owner of a copy should be printed on the title page along with his number, and the collective subscription list with like name and numbers should also be published inside the book."