William Walker - A Selection of Games at Chess - 1836

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Walker (W.G.): A Selection of Games at Chess, actually Played by the Late Alexander M'Donnell... with his Principal Contemporaries; including the Whole of the Games Played by De La Bourdonnais and M'Donnell....Selected and Arranged by William Greenwood Walker. Thomas Hurst, 1836. 1st Edn. A very scarce book.

Numerous games of McDonnell, including many played at odds, 5 from his match with W.Fraser (1831), and 84 from the six matches with La Bourdonnais (1834). An appendix gives the 3 games from match W.Lewis - Deschapelles (1821), and at end is a 3 page List of Subscribers.

William Walker was secretary of the Westminster Chess Club and personally recorded most of McDonnell's games, including the great match series with La Bourdonnais. LN 3144.