E. Spurin Chess Set and Board

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A chess set and board retailed by Edward C. Spurin, 37 New Bond street. The set, board and box are probably German, and the style is Barleycorn, but I've listed it within the English category due to the retailer.

Here is a close-up of the label on the box.

Spurin was listed in Jaques Staunton ads in The Times of 1850-Nov-28, 1852-Nov-11, 1860-Apr-05, and 1863-Mar-11 (and several other ads close to those 4 dates.)


The Spurin label has some dating charactistics to it. "Late of Edlin" -- Edward Edlin was a prior toy manufacturer at the same address, so Spurin must have taken over from him circa 1847-1848 (since Spurin's first London Directory listing was 1848.)

Edlin's listing in 1843:

Two other dating characteristics on the Spurin label -- "TO THE QUEEN & ROYAL FAMILY" and "& JUVENILE LIBRARY". Those descriptions were included in Spurin's London Directory listings from 1854 through 1869 (he disappears from the Directories after 1869.)

Here is Spurin's London Directory listing of 1856:

Another potential dating characteristic is that the London Postal District labeling system changed in 1857 to include W (West), E (East), etc. Most manufacturer/retailer labels include that designation after 1857. Because the Spurin label does not have that designation, and because the label has "late Edlin" which would indicate a dating nearer to when Spurin took over for Edlin, the set can be dated to within a year of 1854.