Northern Upright Ivory Chess Set -- A.B. Barrett & Sons

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A "Northern Upright" pattern ivory chess set, by A. B. Barrett & Sons, London, late 19th century, one side stained green, the other side left natural, kings with ogee shaped tops and slender finials, queens with ball tops and tear-drop finials, bishops with split mitres, knights as carved horses' heads with flared nostrils, rooks as turrets, pawns with ball finials, the underside of the white king with a stamped mark: A. B. Barrett & Sons...Makers...63 & 64 Piccadilly, in an late 19th century inlaid walnut, marquetry and mother o' pearl caddy, the king 9.7cm high, the pawn 4.3cm high, the caddy 18cm wide.

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