"Neotypos" Disc Chess Set by Pinches & Billter, 1849

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A Gothic "Neotypos" disc chess set by Pinches & Billter, 1849, the chessmen of pressed electrotype, one side with a "bronzed" patination, the other side "silvered", the kings signed: I. R. & W. Pinches Fec., kings as Prince Albert, queens as Queen Victoria, bishops with mitres, knights as helmets in the Gothic manner, rooks as turrets, pawns as the Tudor rose, with the Garter motto Honi Soit Qui May Y Pense, each side fitted into a cylindrical printed paper covered tube with registration lozenge for 8th October, 1849 to the top, and signed: Neotypos Chess Men...Registered Oct 8th 1849, each disc 3.5cm in diameter, the tube or cylinder 8.5cm long.