Primary Residence in NYC: A/K/A Calling New York Our Home

NYC Skyline Night

 Sometimes when I take my family away for the weekend, like to my parents’ in NJ, I think to myself – “what am I doing here??”  Why do I spend my days cramped on the subway, pushing past people on the sidewalk, stepping in dirty puddles, and ignoring proselytizers?  First off, that’s not totally an……

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5 Things You Should Know About the Pregnancy Discrimination Act


Whether you are currently pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant, you should understand the basics of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. This Act was created to help protect the rights of working mothers. Here are five important things that you should know about it: 1. It’s illegal for you to be denied a job because……

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Gender Discrimination and Paternity Leave in New York

father and son

The birth of a child is a beautiful and stressful time. Because of the recovery time necessary after pregnancy, employers expect that a woman will remain on maternity leave for a time and plan ahead for that time. They may offer a reasonable amount of time for the woman to heal, care for, and bond……

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5 Tips for Negotiating a Longer Maternity Leave with Your Boss

Pregant couple

Whether you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, your upcoming maternity leave may be on your mind. Some employers offer up to twelve weeks of maternity leave, but in some cases, this time is not enough. If you are thinking about negotiating for a longer maternity leave with your boss, follow these five tips…….

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