How to get your DHCR Rent History

Getting the Rent History for you apartment is a lot easier than you’d expect.

The New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal has building owners register the rent on their units each year with the Office of Rent Administration. While the information isn’t publicly accessible, an apartment’s legal tenant can request a copy of the data. The DHCR has set up a handful of different ways for tenants to easily access their rent history.

While most of the options below will be fulfilled by mail, the records will be printed and handed to you on the spot if you request in person.

  • Request Online: Tenants can submit an online request at
  • Request by Phone: Tenants can call the Rent Infoline at 
    718-739-6400 and speak with a representative.
  • Request by Mail or Email: Tenants will need to fill out an Access to Records form, which can be downloaded or printed here, and submit the completed form with proof of tenancy (a copy of your lease, a rent receipt, or a utility bill). 
    • Email Address:
    • Mailing Address: 
      Gertz Plaza
      Attn: Records Access Officer
      92-31 Union Hall Street 
      Jamaica, New York 11433
  • Request in Person: Tenants may visit a Borough or District Office (find an office here) with photo id and proof of tenancy 
    (a copy of your lease, a rent receipt, or a utility bill). You will also be required to fill out an Access to Records form (download here).

If you have received a copy of your DHCR Rent History, and think that you have been overcharged, please reach out to us. While our L&T practice focuses primarily on holdovers, we do accept a limited number of rent overcharge cases on contingency.

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  1. how do I get the rent history to prove to a judge that my lease was never terminated and a new lease was established…..I cant have it mailed to the address because I was evicted

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