Crumiller P.C., a boutique litigation firm focusing on gender and pregnancy discrimination, filed suit last week in the Southern District of New York against the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), a/k/a the do-gooders that accost you on the sidewalk or at your home with clipboards, trying to hit you up for money.

According to the lawsuit, NYPIRG’s Executive Director – who has been facing increased scrutiny inside the organization for anonymous allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior – began forcing Kristin Nance, 35, out of her job, as soon as he learned she was pregnant.

The lawsuit describes that Nance was at the top of her game, a dedicated servant to NYPIRG and believer in its mission.  She worked there for five years, at low pay, putting in her blood, sweat, and tears.  Once she told NYPIRG she was pregnant, everything changed.  All of a sudden mysterious “budget cuts,” and a “restructuring” that magically never came to fruition, meant that her position, and hers alone, was eliminated.

Nance is claiming that NYPIRG violated federal anti-discrimination laws, as well as state and city laws, by firing her under pretext.  The case has been scheduled for a preliminary conference in February.


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