Pregnancy & Caregiver Discrimination

Enforcing your rights in the workplace can be especially tricky. It takes delicacy to avoid antagonizing your boss or creating strife with your coworkers, let alone jeopardizing your position. Pregnant and nursing women, and all moms and dads, are entitled to fair treatment. You have enough stress already; you shouldn’t have to worry whether you’ll be penalized in the workplace for asserting your rights. We can help to ensure you are adequately compensated and fairly treated for the hard work you do, and that you’re not unfairly punished for the equally important work that you do at home – being a parent. If you’ve already suffered discrimination or other mistreatment, we can help you recover damages against your employer. Such repercussions will also help to ensure that other employees fare better in the future.

Why Reach Out To Us?

  • I’m afraid to tell my employer I’m pregnant because I fear retaliation.
  • My employer is giving me a hard time about taking the leave I need.
  • My employer is trying to force me to do work or come back to work during my leave.
  • I was demoted, fired, or passed over for a promotion because I got pregnant or took parental leave.
  • I was refused leave or another caregiver accommodation because I’m a man.
  • My employer is making it difficult or impossible for me to nurse and/or pump.
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Susan is an exceptionally talented lawyer. I hired Susan to represent me in a lawsuit and she exceeded my expectations in every respect. Susan knows the law and, perhaps more importantly, she knows how to advocate for her clients. She zealously argued my case at every step, consistently taking exactly the right approach. Her wise


You truly are amazing and we will always know we made the right call picking you to represent us. We are so grateful for everything you have done for us. This is an amazing ending to the year, and what a way to start 2020 fresh. Congrats to you too for all your hard work.

Pregnancy Discrimination Client, January 2020

She was responsive to questions, quick to fix problems, and made the entire process easy. We enthusiastically endorse Susan.


BRAVA! Masterfully played.
It’s been an honor being represented by you and your firm.

Caregiver Discrimination Client, January 2020

Susan did a great job at resolving issues. She is smart, knowledgeable, and responsive. She knows how to get things done, and she cares about her clients.

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Firm Successes

Medical Complications Threatened Job Security

Our client was told that, because she needed a few additional months to recover from post-childbirth medical complications, her job was no longer guaranteed for the following term.  We intervened and quickly secured the reassurance they should have given her from the beginning – that she would not be illegally penalized for the woeful task of propagating the human species.

Fired While Pregnant

Our client was fired, for totally pretextual reasons and without warning, shortly after announcing her pregnancy.  First, we made sure she had the health insurance arrangements she needed to ensure a safe and healthy delivery.  Then we put the fear of god in her employer and negotiated a substantial settlement payment, enabling her to enjoy a safe and peaceful labor and delivery, and a peaceful bonding time with her (now healthy and happy!) baby.

FMLA Leave Retaliation

We successfully fought off trumped-up disciplinary charges brought by the Department of Education after our client faced clear retaliation for taking legitimate intermittent FMLA leave.