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What our clients have to say about us! Read rave reviews from clients praising our “bed side manner”, our speed, tenacity, and intelligent work.

Susan did an excellent job

Susan did an excellent job with my landlord dispute for a commercial space in Brooklyn. I am the second generation owner of a family-run business where I oversee all day to day operations, and my time is very valuable. I told Susan I needed her to handle everything for my case for me so that I could focus my time on running my business. She took care of the case perfectly and I was very happy with the outcome. She clearly knows how to manage the system very well and is very well respected. I highly recommend her services.

Highly dependable attorney

Hey all you folks out there needing a great and reliable lawyer. Please keep Susan Crumiller in your files. She saved me from losing my apartment a few months back. She was fantastic and really fought the fight to the end and we won. Thanks to her I have a new two year lease. So keep Susan in mind when you need a great, smart lawyer. She’s also a very beautiful and down to earth young woman. Thanks Susan…

Highly recommended

Susan is a great attorney, who has assisted me on several occasions. She is highly professional, has a lazer focus ability to extract all necessary information, and create a very effective useful presentation of the facts. She is also a very nice, warm person, attractive and makes you feel very comfortable. All my stress vanished when I sat in her office, I felt very comfortable and peaceful. Very highly recommended.

Very Nice to Work With

We had a very tough case with our landlord of six years and initially went to another firm that a friend had suggested. However, my friend’s issue was very different than ours and as far as I’m concerned this firm couldn’t have been worse. After paying them a substantial retainer fee after initially a good first meeting, they dropped the ball again and again. They also always sent a different person to represent us in court on our court dates (we barely knew who our lawyer was, but it basically boiled down to who was available that day). They were impersonal and disinterested, making a lot of mistakes that ended up costing us more money. I have a basis for comparison when I say that Susan is exemplary. Thank goodness we found her! I’m only sorry we were not able to hire her first because we wasted a lot of time with inadequate lawyers who could not hold a candle to her. She competently addressed the problems that the first firm created for us and was able get up to speed with all of the confusing things that needed to be done with amazing alacrity and thoroughness.

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