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We had a very tough case and initially went to another firm that a friend had suggested. However, my friend’s issue was very different than ours and as far as I’m concerned this firm couldn’t have been worse. After paying them a substantial retainer fee after initially a good first meeting, they dropped the ball again and again. They also always sent a different person to represent us in court on our court dates (we barely knew who our lawyer was, but it basically boiled down to who was available that day). They were impersonal and disinterested, making a lot of mistakes that ended up costing us more money. I have a basis for comparison when I say that Susan is exemplary. Thank goodness we found her! I’m only sorry we were not able to hire her first because we wasted a lot of time with inadequate lawyers who could not hold a candle to her. She competently addressed the problems that the first firm created for us and was able get up to speed with all of the confusing things that needed to be done with amazing alacrity and thoroughness.

I’m so glad I chose Susan Crumiller P.C. My experience with Susan was very comforting and my issue was resolved very quickly, due to her deep knowledge and brilliant diplomatic strategy. I would recommend Susan Crumiller P.C. to anyone who needs a very reliable, highly professional and dedicated lawyer.

Susan, Thank you again!

She is the most professional and trustworthy representation anyone can have.

Janka and Zoltan

She was responsive to questions, quick to fix problems, and made the entire process easy. We enthusiastically endorse Susan.


She’s really smart, well spoken, and knowledgable regarding tenant’s rights… and good at explaining in simple terms all the legal concepts and processes.

She was always accessible and promptly replied to our endless questions, concerns and problems… which is quite a feat considering that there were so many of us.

She’s also very personable and understands the human element of the legal system, like why our case was so important to us, etc…

It was a complicated case, but we ended up settling on very favorable terms. I highly recommend her to anyone needing legal services.

She was explanatory, communicative and easy to reach at all times during the process. Ms. Crumiller aggressively pursued a successful resolution to my case, and I was able to reach a satisfactory settlement.

Satisfied Client

She helped me draft emails, advised me on memorializing in-person conversations, made sure I knew all of my options for taking action, and helped me keep my cool with a frustrating situation.

We were able to work through the situation without going to court. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

I hired Susan Crumiller for a delicate, emotionally and legally complicated<!– landlord-tenant–> dispute involving my older sister, and from the moment she started working — on an urgent, time-sensitive motion, by the way — she re-defined my admittedly cynical view of what a lawyer could do, and actually renewed my faith in the possibilities of the profession. She was at once responsive to my needs and my sister’s needs — which were often at odds — and kept both of us informed as needed in every part of the process. She was tough when she had to be tough, and was forthcoming at every step — when there were procedural choices to be made she explained the potential consequences of each one, and provided thorough, unfailingly excellent advice that led to the best result possible in this particular case, both for my sister and for myself. Look up great lawyer in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Susan Crumiller.

Susan was beyond excellent, she immediately got involved, pursued all the correct relationships and actions needed to resolve the outstanding issues.
She was very professional, friendly, great communicator, and extremely knowledgeable in her field.
I highly recommend Susan.

Ms. Crumiller is a highly dependable attorney<!– and very knowledgeable in the field of landlord/tenant law–>. Once I had retained Ms. Crumiller as my attorney, I felt confident that she would handle my case to obtain the best possible outcome.<!– I would recommend her for any issues involving landlord/tenant law.–>

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