Client Testimonials

What our clients have to say about us! Read rave reviews from clients praising our “bed side manner”, our speed, tenacity, and intelligent work.

Someone you want on your side

I’m so happy Avvo connected me with Susan. She did great work for me, is a thoughtful listener, and a strong advocate. I really appreciate how she went above and beyond to make sure that her work for me was cost-effective and solid. She worked hard for my case and spoke for me with a passionate understanding of how I felt about the case, but also made sure that my money was well spent. She was actually able to save me quite a bit by being frugal and thoughtful about the case and its requirements. This is a lawyer who really cares about both you and your case, and will honestly do her best for you. I highly recommend Susan and her firm.

Exceeded my expectations

Susan is an exceptionally talented lawyer. I hired Susan to represent me in a lawsuit and she exceeded my expectations in every respect. Susan knows the law and, perhaps more importantly, she knows how to advocate for her clients. She zealously argued my case at every step, consistently taking exactly the right approach. Her wise counsel was greatly appreciated.


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