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A great lawyer to have in your corner

Susan changed our lives by representing us against our landlord, who was charging us an unfair rent in a rent-stabilized building. We were able to reach a very satisfactory settlement, and throughout the whole process I always felt she genuinely cared about us and our case. She always went out of her way to make sure things were done right. She’s very professional, and very tough. It was incredibly reassuring to have her in our corner.

Landlord dispute tenancy

Susan played a very instrumental part in negotiating a just and fair outcome to tenancy problem I was mired in with a landlord in which I was pleased with the ultimate agreement. I was also pleased in the way she kept me informed throughout the ordeal on the progress of my case. I would highly recommend her services as a loyal, well versed, and straight forward attorney with exemplary and kind disposition.

Dynamic, knowledgeable attorney

It is with great pleasure that I write this review of Susan Crumiller who is currently representing me in two complex litigation matters. I am a retired attorney litigator and therefore I realize that, based on my own legal experiences, I am more demanding and discerning than most clients. Yet, Ms. Crumiller has met and exceeded all of my expectations as an experienced Civil and State Supreme Court litigator and tenant advocate.

Ms. Crumiller is not only an extremely knowledgeable attorney but has the type of “bed side manner” and compassion rarely found in (not just) lawyers but professionals in general. She never hesitates to offer detailed explanations of processes or responses to questions or matters that require clarification. She is voracious with her adversaries but courteous. personable, open and kind to her clients.

She is an effective communicator in an outside of the courtroom. I have observed how other attorneys (adversaries) respond and treat her with respect and this in my opinion is often the greatest compliment a litigator attorney can ever receive. I for one know that one of the best decisions I have made was to hire Ms. Crumiller and I look forward to any opportunity I have to recommend her to all who are in similar need in strong professional representation.

Apartment Buyout

I hired Susan Crumiller to manage my negotiations with my landlord with regards to a buyout. After having lived in my rent stabilized apartment since 1991 and the landlord harassing me for a 4th time since I have been living there with yet another +a frivolous court case which had no substance and was a total lie, I told my lawyer that I wanted to get out of the apartment and to negotiate a buyout. Susan was very diligent, efficient and a tough negotiator. Susan kept me abreast of the negotiations every step of the way and also advised me when it was a good time to press hard and when it was a good time to agree to certain concessions. The negotiation started around May of 2015 and was finalized by September 2015 with a signed agreement. Not only did Susan manage to wrap up things quickly and negotiate well on my behalf, she also followed through all the way until I got my security deposit back as well as the court letter saying that the case the landlord had against was dismissed. Without hesitation, I would hire Susan again if I ever needed her services again. The most important aspect of my relationship with Susan was that she was always available to answer any concerns, questions, issues that I had and always gave me sound advise. In the end all of that paid off to my benefit.


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