Firm Successes

While Crumiller P.C. is proud of each and every successful outcome we have achieved for our clients, we’ve highlighted a few cases that we feel are particularly indicative of the problems we help our clients overcome.

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Termination based on Gender

April 2017

A well-known actor terminated our client and the only other woman in a nine-person technician team (he had refused for years to employ women in the role they occupied).   We pursued a discrimination case and, although the studio fought hard, we secured a substantial recovery.

Ongoing Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

March 2017

Our client was suffering worse and worse mental health effects as a result of her supervisor’s ongoing sexually inappropriate behavior.  We immediately reached out to the employer and discretely secured a period of paid leave while we negotiated on our client’s behalf.  Ultimately we secured our client a substantial enough recovery that she felt free to leave her job and she was able to take the time she needed to make new arrangements without financial insecurity or stress.

Second 82nd Corp. v Veiders, 146 AD3d 696 (1st Dept 2017)

January 2017

Susan represented the tenant at trial in this non-primary residence case. Susan presented thorough evidence to successfully persuade the court that the tenant’s absence from the apartment was “temporary and excusable” on the basis that he was dealing with family matters. Susan successfully defended an appeal by the landlord and the appellate court agreed with Susan’s winning theory, securing a clearer path to victory for tenants who might otherwise be forced to choose between keeping their apartment and taking care of their families. Both the Appellate Term and the Appellate Division affirmed the decision.

FMLA Leave Retaliation

September 2016

We successfully fought off trumped-up disciplinary charges brought by the Department of Education after our client faced clear retaliation for taking legitimate intermittent FMLA leave.

150 W. 21st LLC v Doe

February 2016

In this case, the landlord sued a long-time rent stabilized tenant using concocted nuisance claims. After the trial court dismissed the case for insufficient evidence, Susan wrote the winning brief on appeal convincing the appellate court to uphold the trial court’s finding.

Second & Third Ave LLC v DHCR

November 2015

Susan intervened on behalf of the tenant in this appeal by the owner of a building who tried to claim a rent increase based upon a purported $13,750 paint job – “paid in cash”. The court agreed with Susan’s analysis and disallowed the increase.