Firm Successes

While Crumiller P.C. is proud of each and every successful outcome we have achieved for our clients, we’ve highlighted a few cases that we feel are particularly indicative of the problems we help our clients overcome.

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Security Credit Services LLC v. Wilson

February 2015

A creditor sued Susan’s client for nearly $18,000 on the basis of an old credit card debt. Susan got the case dismissed by arguing the plaintiff had failed to submit the proper paperwork.

Conason v Megan Holding LLC

February 2015

As part of a two-person team, Susan successfully persuaded the Court of Appeals to reject the landlord’s argument that her client’s rent overcharge claim was barred by the statute of limitations. Instead, the Court permitted examination of the entire rental history for the apartment based on the “unrefuted proof of fraud in the record” Susan submitted.

3647 Realty Co v. Wolinsky

June 2013

The court granted Susan’s motion for summary judgment on her client’s rent overcharge case based upon extensive proof Susan submitted, including a pattern of wrongdoing by the landlord’s parent company. After this decision, the landlord reduced the rent to $750 per month (from nearly $2,000), completed extensive repairs in the apartment, and paid a lump sum in a confidential amount. The decision is also referenced in this article.

Barker v. 301 303 311 West 111, LLC

March 2012

Susan won summary judgment on her client’s rent overcharge claim. Susan’s clients had moved into an apartment they initially thought was not subject to rent regulation. After further investigation, they sued the landlord, won a determination that the apartment was rent stabilized, and got a large rent rollback and lump sum payment.

Ormonde Equities LLC v. Jacoby

September 2011

Susan defended the tenant in a nuisance trial that went on for sixteen days with nearly 30 witnesses. In a 20-page decision, the court dismissed the landlord’s case, holding the landlord’s witnesses were not credible and that the landlord had failed to establish a nuisance under the law. The court relied heavily on testimony Susan elicited during her cross-examination of the landlord’s witnesses.

Hudsoncliff Bldg. Co., Inc. v Payne-Marsky

July 2011

Susan fought off an appeal by a landlord who was unsuccessfully trying to get discovery from her clients.