Tenant Rights

Susan was a well-regarded L&T litigator for over a decade, and therefore we receive a lot of inquiries in this area.  We know the law very well, and we know all the players.  We only accept certain types of L&T cases, but we are happy to provide this repository of information so that you can know where to go and what to do with whatever type of case you have.

We are still gladly accepting the following types of cases:

  • We are extremely adept at succession rights.  Preserving the continuity of a family home falls in line with our mission.  We are very good at these.  We are creative, strategic, and thorough.  If there is a way for you to secure succession rights, we will find it.  But we will always be super honest about your chances.
  • The same is true for nonprimary residence cases involving familial obligations.  We feel very strongly that our clients should not have to choose between their families and their homes, just as they should not have to choose between their families and their jobs.  Susan litigated, and won, the leading case on this issue.  We are highly experienced and very good at these cases.
  • “Feminist L&T”.  We help anybody who is the victim of privacy violations by their landlord, in the form of unwanted attention, surveillance, or unwanted intrusions into the apartment, or who is seeking to escape an abusive relationship, whether by breaking a lease in the case of domestic violence or seeking to evict an abuser.

We are no longer accepting the following types of representation, with a few exceptions (feel free to call and ask!):

  • Warranty of habitability issues
  • Nonpayment litigation
  • Nuisance holdovers
  • Sublease issues.

If you have any questions, just call us.  If the case is not for us, we will send you in the right direction.

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