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Rent Overcharge Victories!

Apartment Building Sunshine

Wondering what we’ve been up to here at Crumiller P.C. this fall?  Oh just the usual kicking ass and taking names.  Here, I focus on some interesting rent overcharge cases we filed. Victory over Summary Judgment Motion We recently overcame a motion to dismiss a rent overcharge case we filed on behalf of two apartments……

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How to get your DHCR Rent History

For Rent

Getting the Rent History for you apartment is a lot easier than you’d expect. The New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal has building owners register the rent on their units each year with the Office of Rent Administration. While the information isn’t publicly accessible, an apartment’s legal tenant can request a…

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Primary Residence in NYC: A/K/A Calling New York Our Home

NYC Skyline Night

 Sometimes when I take my family away for the weekend, like to my parents’ in NJ, I think to myself – “what am I doing here??”  Why do I spend my days cramped on the subway, pushing past people on the sidewalk, stepping in dirty puddles, and ignoring proselytizers?  First off, that’s not totally an……

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Renters: Here’s What To Do if You Think Your New York Landlord is Overcharging You for Rent

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Many areas of New York have strict rent control laws in place that are meant to help keep the cost of rent at a reasonable level. Many landlords, however, charge rates above these levels. This is known as overcharging, and in many situations is illegal and can be grounds for a lawsuit. It is important……

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