Why Choose Us?

Our team is voracious with our adversaries but courteous, personable, open and kind to our clients.  Although our client reviews really say it all, we’ve done our best to distill some of the common themes.

  • We never forget that for us, this is our job, but for you, this is your life. While fighting aggressively on your behalf, our focus is always helping our clients feel calm and confident throughout the process by keeping them as informed and in control as possible. It’s easy for attorneys to lose sight of what’s important because we genuinely enjoy the legal issues. Here, we never forget the great responsibility we have to you, and we take it extremely seriously.
  • We like fighting. We are commonly described as ballsy (though we prefer the gender-neutral term “chutzpah”), tough, and fearless. We have gone up against everyone, from the biggest and most reputable firms, to shlubby jerks who were unbelievably rude and unprofessional. There is literally nothing in court we cannot handle.
  • We are super smart. We pride ourselves on skipping through legalese and ministerial tasks whenever possible, and have developed a keen sense over time of which battles are worth fighting and which aren’t. We always keep an eye on the big picture and we hone our strategies carefully.
  • We are honest. Read Susan’s blog post, “Five Hard Truths Other Tenant Attorneys Won’t Tell You”, for a flavor of the kind of hard-hitting, no-nonsense advice we are unafraid to give. We will tell you if your case sucks. Our number one priority is to never, ever give false hope, with a side benefit being that if we tell you not to worry about something, you can believe us!!
  • This is our passion. When Susan’s employer tried to screw her out of her maternity leave, she said “eff that”. Susan fights for women and families because she believes it’s the best use of her talents to make the world a better place. Our clients appreciate that we truly care about them and about their struggles and it makes our representation all around more pleasant and more effective because we truly believe in our clients’ rights.

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